USB is just brilliant, right?

It’s a simple plug that – as the name suggests – is pretty much universal.

Except that is when you go to plug the cable into your laptop/desktop/phone etc and you always seem to get it the wrong way around, not only that but when you try turning it over it’s still the wrong way and you discover that you had it right in the first place, Intel nailed it with this:

Credit: Intel Software

It feels like every time you go to plug your webcam, memory stick, Bluetooth dongle etc you always seem to get it wrong.

Or do you?

Statistically you have a 50% chance of getting it right, which means that you must be getting right some of the time.

So why is our perception such that we always get it wrong? Well, it’s down to the way our brains handle positive and negative information; for negative aspects we tend to think about them more, processing them more thoroughly than positive ones – meaning they tend to be more memorable.

Weird right?

It’s the same with customer service, we can readily and more easily recall instances of poor customer service than we can positive experiences. Indeed even if you do recall a good service story, there’s a chance it’s linked to service recovery – putting right what was once a wrong.

So what’s the answer?

In the world of USB, there is a little symbol on the ‘thing’ you’re trying to plug in – which should help, but if you’re like me you don’t look at this and just go for it. There is now of course USB-C which gets rid of this problem altogether as it doesn’t matter which way round you insert it.

The question is then becomes, how do you make sure the experiences your customers have are USB-C?